The Fastest NFT Marketplace on Sui

The Fastest NFT Marketplace on Sui

Live on the Sui Mainnet

NFT Summer is coming to Sui


Somis was built with a focus on creating an empowered community. Members can vote on feature updates, are rewarded for their active participation and more.

Advanced Trading

Building a growing selection of advanced trader tools to allow users to execute faster trades and gain deeper insights into their NFTs.

Ecosystem & Growth

We believe in giving back to the Sui ecosystem and helping on-board more users through educating them and building tools to help other projects integrate into Sui with ease.


For creators. For collectors.

We believe that one doesn't prosper without the other. Somis was built with both in mind; creating a marketplace that can nourish communities and facilitate instantaneous trades.


Simplicity &

Your NFT is the hero and you decide how it goes out into the world. Somis is easy to use and incredibly fast. Maximize your exposure by trading on our platform.